Me as a RealtorThe ProcessTrends July 18, 2023

What sets me apart?

What are you looking for when you are finding the right real estate agent to help you buy or sell a property?  Well, we all look for something different!  And each agent has something different to offer!  Maybe you want to find someone that matches your energy?  Maybe someone that will go to bat for you? Maybe someone that has been in the business for a long time?  All of these things can factor in and make perfect sense!

So, why choose me? 

Experience!  Let me start by telling you that I have been in the real estate game since 2018, while that may not sound like a long amount of time, there has already been a huge market shift and the “covid years” caused everyone to think on their feet, and I was able to prove my worth!  During the years of everyone fighting for their piece of the real estate pie and buyers getting beat out over and over again, while sellers made out like bandits with bidding wars.  I was able to still maintain the business mindset that I initially began with.  My integrity showed through no matter what! Integrity is utmost importance!  And no matter the market I have thrived with integrity!  And again, there are lots of great agents with integrity out there.

What sets me apart? 

The number one thing, is I answer the phone!  If it is at all possible, I am on the phone when it rings.  I am very responsive to all forms of communication.  Like to email, sure, me too!  Shoot me a text message, I will respond quickly!  FB message, I can handle that also.  I totally get that it is a hard thing to wait around.  We have to do enough waiting during the real estate process, so I will do everything in my power to not have you waiting on me!

Another thing that I believe sets me apart is that I treat everything as more than just a transaction.  Be ready to have a new best friend, a new person to invite to your life events, and someone that you can call on long after we are done with your transaction!  I love my people and care for y’all deeply, and always want what is best for you.  Which in turn means that I will always fight for what is right and best for you!  I will always be honest and upfront!

And seriously, I will never try to talk you into anything that you are not comfortable with just for the sake of a sale.  I am here for you no matter what, and on your time line, not mine.  I abide by the golden rule, do believe that kindness can go a long way, and plan to have some fun along the way too.  I completely understand and empathize that all sales aren’t happy times, and will allow you to go through the emotions and sometimes go through them with you.  Again, I feel deeply for my people.  I have made countless friends and plan to be in this business for a long time!  I will be here for you when you are ready to do this real estate thing!