Me as a RealtorTrends August 3, 2023

These are a few of my favorite things!

As a REALTOR I see a ton of houses!  You know what I love? Y’all, I love the vintage, quirky, charm of older homes.

These are a few of my favorite things!

I love different floorplans, exposed brick, and floral wallpaper. I love gawdy brass fixtures, mail slots, and terrazzo tile.  I love stained glass, leaded glass, and ALL of the colors.  There is just something special about the way the vintage stuff shines.  Have you ever walked into a home with a pink bathtub and sink and funky wallpaper?  If it has been kept up and styled modernly it can be sooo stinking cool!

Work with what you got!

Do you have a kitchen with a cool old stove and copper backsplash?  Add a dreamy marble or granite countertop to provide a whole new modern look with some old character still in there!  Do you have a beautiful brick fireplace with arch detail?  Add a chunky mantle for a whole new feel to anchor the room. Shine up your brass doorknobs. AND refinish the hardwood floors!  People love that kind of thing.

What needs to go?

Old carpet can look dingy and show wear.  So your shag carpet can likely be pulled up.  That 1970’s wood paneling can be painted or replaced with regular drywall.  Most buyers do want to see some updates and these are a great start!  Also, updated appliances are a go to that buyers hope to see. An old dishwasher is not a good look.

What does need to be maintained or replaced as time goes on?

Older homes come with a lot of different issues, and lots of the older homes do have maintenance issues.  Old windows can be leaky and drafty.  Old brick can crumble and shift.  So I definitely know there is a need to update and remodel as time goes on.  And some of the things that you want to address are anything that is breaking down.  Anything that isn’t energy efficient, like you may need new windows and an HVAC unit.  Upgrade your insulation in the attic.  If things break or are beyond repair, new is better than not working even if it is the coolest antique pocket door that is stuck in rail and only half closes.  A couple of other things to think about updating is your asbestos siding, lead based paint, old crumbling cast iron plumbing, these can be huge expenses that lots of buyers do not want to remedy themselves.  So keep all of this in mind when you are choosing your next project!