Me as a Realtor August 20, 2023

A couple of my funniest showing stories

You seriously never know what will happen on any given day in real estate!  There are days that I am out showing from sun up to sun down, some days are office days, some days I am out running around like a person herding cats going here and there.  All of this to get things done!  And there is never a lack of excitement or weirdness that comes with this territory!  One of my favorite things though will always be showing houses.  So I thought I would take a minute and tell you a couple of my funniest showing tales.

Now, I have walked in on people, found inappropriate things laying about, seen “awesome” decor, and pretty often scare myself in mirrors thinking someone else is in the house.  Laughing is good for the soul! So join me as I walk down memory lane to some of my funniest showings…

So one time, and this was before I was an agent, but still counts as one of my best showing stories… with my Realtor at the time, walked into the house, and he announced himself like he should.  No one responded so we walk in and start looking around.  We had walked through part of the house and hear “Hello?” and he immediately responds with, “Hello!  Realtor here”  and then walks towards the voice, but didn’t hear anything else.  So he repeats himself and nothing….crickets.  So we think we are losing it, all bedrooms were clear and we move on to the kitchen.  Then, we hear it again, “Hello?”.  And by this point we are convinced that there must be a hidden room!  I watch a lot of true crime docs and thought, maybe there is someone hidden somewhere or maybe even a ghost!  So by this point, we are all walking around, “Hello?” “Hello?” “Hello?”  and then while we were out in the sun room we heard it again!!!!  “Hello?”  YALL!!!!  It was coming from behind a sheet…. carefully moved the sheet, AND it was a HUGE birdcage!  With a parrot in it!  The parrot was talking to us!  We laughed about it the rest of the evening!  We didn’t buy the house, but it will always be a fun memory for me.

Recently, I was showing a house in a small town outside of Lubbock.  So deed restrictions are different and these sellers had chickens.  No big deal, lots of people have chicken coops!  The buyers and I took a look around the house and moved on to the back yard and detached garage.  Walked out the back door and got about 15 feet out and then noticed about 5 chickens running full speed ahead like little hungry dinosaurs!  I think they either thought I had their next meal or that I was their next meal!  I never thought that I would be scared by free range chickens, but I think there were on their way to peck me to death…. I ran so fast, a few cuss words might have also flown out of my mouth, BUT I made it back inside before they got me!  Turns out I was the big chicken, and the buyers and I got a good laugh out of it!

And the funniest one to date didn’t have anything to do with animals though!  A buyer and I scheduled an appointment to go see a home that was currently rented out.  We gave them the required 24 hours notice, and the listing agent made contact with them, and gave us the go ahead.  I knocked, tenant answered, forgot we were coming by.  That’s fine, we waited a few while he gathered his things and let us in.  We walked around, looked at the downstairs, and then made our way upstairs.  The only thing that was upstairs was a bedroom and bathroom.  Upstairs should be quick tour, and then we’d be done and out of the tenants hair!  Got to the top step, opened the door to the right and there stood a young man in his underwear brushing his teeth!!!  OOPS!!  Instantly backed up, shut the door, and embarrassedly walked back out!  Turns out the first tenant that we spoke to and gave us permission to get in, didn’t tell the other tenant that we were there!  Soooo embarrassing for the buyer and me!!  We laughed and laughed though, and still remind each other of this occasionally too.  That poor tenant, I hope his roommate told him of other showings after this, to save him some embarrassment too!

Real estate is a wild ride, and often super funny!  You never know what you will walk in to or walk in on, or will be chased by!  I am sure there will be other funny experiences to add to this the longer I am in this crazy biz.