Me as a Realtor August 3, 2023

Very Superstitious… about selling homes!

Y’ALL!! There is something about real estate that really brings out the superstition side of me!  I never thought of myself as superstitious until I started this career in 2018.  And, let me tell you, I completely understand why sports players have their lucky socks.  Although, I do my laundry consistently, I do have a favorite color that I wear to seal the deal!

A few things that I won’t do…

I do not count my commission until I have the check!  I don’t ever calculate it, I leave that to my broker.  And when he tells me how much I got, then I celebrate that win.  Calculating your pay day before payday is nothing but setting yourself up for a big jinx.

No congratulations before the papers are signed.  We may have agreed upon a deal, but you don’t count that until you have the signed document in hand!  Or in your inbox anyway, since a lot of things are digitally signed.  So don’t take it personally if I don’t tell you congratulations until then. I have learned my lesson.

I don’t like to put out under contract sign riders.  I will if the seller prefers, but under contract can mean little to nothing until after the option period.  So I don’t want to jinx that either.  And a sold rider will almost never be on your sign!  It isn’t sold until closing and funding, which is the very last minute.  Something about counting your chickens before they hatch always comes to mind.  AND if I can do anything to help this along smoothly, I do!  Even if is sounds hokey and silly.  LOL

A few things that I do…

I used to have a lucky sign, it was beat up, and my name rider was stuck in it, but every time I put it at a house that house sold.  So I used that ugly thing any time that I could! We have since taken on the C21 franchise, and I can’t use that sign anymore, and I had my moment about it.  But, so far so good.  I will find my new lucky sign!

I really like odd numbers best.  my lucky numbers are 13 and 7.  I print  13 flyers for a house or open house.  And if a price has a 13 or 7 in it, you better watch out!

And y’all, let me tell you, I believe in 3rd time is a charm.  It may seem a bit ritualistic, but there is something to be said for grouping of threes.  It goes that way in staging, accessorizing, and even losing out.  If you have lost out a couple of times on offers, that 3rd one usually goes better.  And I do believe that!

So call me crazy, call me superstitious, just call me when you need to sell your house!  I will do what it takes and sometimes that will be NOT jinxing things!