Uncategorized Why do inspections? When buying a home there are so many things to think about!  And an inspection is just another thing on that list!  As your Realtor, I will be here every step of the way, and I always recommend inspections during the negotiated option period. Even when you know going in to the contract that the […]
Uncategorized Homeowner before you know it! Did you know that you can close on a home in less than a month?  You can go from renter to homeowner in no time!! And that month goes faster than you expect! From offer to close can often be 30 days or sooner! There are a few things that can really help speed along […]
Uncategorized Haunted Real Estate – disclosing when someone dies on the property. It is OCTOBER!!!  Spooky season is here, and I am your resident spooky realtor!  I love all things spooky, spoopy, and a bit macabre! So let’s talk haunted houses! One thing that fascinates me is ghosts!  Would you buy a haunted house?  I personally lean on the skeptical side of things, and I am not […]
The Process Fall Home Maintenance Each Fall you should take some time to perform routine checks and maintenance on your home.  I like to tell my people to do it around time change, that way you don’t forget! When the time changes it is time to change out your AC filter, your smoke alarm batteries, and while you are at […]
Me as a Realtor A couple of my funniest showing stories You seriously never know what will happen on any given day in real estate!  There are days that I am out showing from sun up to sun down, some days are office days, some days I am out running around like a person herding cats going here and there.  All of this to get things […]
Me as a Realtor These are a few of my favorite things! As a REALTOR I see a ton of houses!  You know what I love? Y’all, I love the vintage, quirky, charm of older homes. These are a few of my favorite things! I love different floorplans, exposed brick, and floral wallpaper. I love gawdy brass fixtures, mail slots, and terrazzo tile.  I love stained glass, […]
Me as a Realtor Very Superstitious… about selling homes! Y’ALL!! There is something about real estate that really brings out the superstition side of me!  I never thought of myself as superstitious until I started this career in 2018.  And, let me tell you, I completely understand why sports players have their lucky socks.  Although, I do my laundry consistently, I do have a […]
Me as a Realtor What sets me apart? What are you looking for when you are finding the right real estate agent to help you buy or sell a property?  Well, we all look for something different!  And each agent has something different to offer!  Maybe you want to find someone that matches your energy?  Maybe someone that will go to bat for […]
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